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We have consistently seen a degradation in quality services and reputable partners for Founding teams over the years.  While we have always actively supported and engaged our Investors, we believe that startup teams deserve better.  So simply put we serve both the interests of the teams we raise for, and the investors we present to. Fairness, honesty and a win-win approach at all times is our commitment.  

Karen Melonie Gould

From Feb 2019 and fairly consistently until October

our group relieved 100+ pitch-decks and negotiated

a record number of deals to term sheet.

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In the month after Covid-19 gripped the world we was both Startup

and Investor interest plummet, but by May we have seen not only a big bounce back in startups

but their quality has been outstanding and the result,

despite a significant number of Investors still not entering

the market, is our best by far month (total dealflow Vs Success) in our history. 

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We have not been relaxing over lockdown

Instead we have built our an impressive number of 

both Investor and Founder focused solutions to help you 

not only recover quickly but thrive in a post-pandemic market.

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Our Partners

Focus Areas

We are an Executive Management company that supports the growth and acceleration of companies globally. Encouraging companies and accelerating their success is at the heart of our business and we provide a range of services including management and fundraising support. Through our combined experience across a range of sectors including entrepreneurship, fundraising and hypergrowth, we have an exceptional team and key partner network that provides the following services:


Investor Events

We host one of the UK’s premier investor events. Held in Mayfair, London, our events are attended by a global audience ranging from Family Offices and UHNWIs. We have built a strong reputation for high quality investor events and investment opportunities; our client companies undergo a rigorous process and our investment opportunities are highly vetted.


Turnaround & Restructuring

Only one thing is predictable in business, change.  We have the experience to steady you in the face of any urgent situation. To stabilize finances, update or pivot operations & preserve value. We work with all your management team, investors, & other professionals, to benefit all stakeholders. Whether it is short or long-term horizons, our team has instant access to the skills and funding partners to address almost any pressing needs.


Impact Investment

The Global Impact Investing Network, GIIN, reports that 88% of investors have met their financial returns through Impact Investing and that Impact Investing is consistently rising. In addition, 90% of investors think ESG portfolios perform as well or better than non-ESG portfolios (RBC Global Asset Management). We work with opportunities in the Impact Investing & ESG sectors to support them in raising capital, investor readiness and scaling and partnerships.


Documentation For Raising Investment

Our team provides support and guidance on the preparation of all documents for raising, including pitch decks, IMs, financials, as well as due diligence and research services to build and position value propositions and prepare companies to be investment ready.


Connecting Quality Businesses To Genuine Investors

Raising investment has never been tougher, we give hands-on support and access to our large global investor network to get results fast. We carefully select quality opportunities for our investors based on their requirements. We work with companies to ensure they are well posited for investment, augmenting their business strategies, as well as guiding and supporting them in meeting investor and management milestones.


Bespoke NED & Advisory Boards

We assist companies in building high-quality Boards to provide your company with the skills and experience to enhance your business model and proposition. Whether your team needs to fill any missing skills or needs additional support, we provide companies with exceptional bespoke NED and Advisor Boards.


Global Funding Accelerator

Our global accelerator provides holistic support and training for companies that are post-Seed (usually at or beyond MVP) and Series A (£1M-£3M). With workshops provided by experts across a range of areas, we offer a significantly discounted Accelerator Program to put you on the most optimal track for funding success. Both directly and through our partners, our program includes training in areas including pitching, investment readiness, leadership & management, cashflow preparation and legal documents and structures. Some of our leading partners include Seedlegals, Lawbite and Luminous Ventures, the list of partners can be viewed

See our Accelerator partners here

Other Services include:

Why Choose Us

How to choose the right partner?
We are focused on your growth & success, we take a hands-on approach and our strategies are developed in line with your business needs. Through our wide-ranging expertise, we are set up to be the perfect partner.

Every journey is unique and we work with companies to navigate them through the raising process, identifying investors that are aligned with their vision.

Each relationship is distinct and needs to be carefully managed and in line with specific investor needs. We are here to guide you through the process and work with you to build successful investor relationships.

Through our combined global network and experience, we are able to provide specialist advice across sectors and are well equipped to steer you towards the advice and support that is right for you and your company

We are investors ourselves and we know what makes a sound investment opportunity. Our opportunities are highly vetted and undergo a rigorous process to become investment ready.

We are a multi-service company and are able to provide companies with a range of support, from a global accelerator program to mentorship, all the way to fundraising support.

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